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Carol Fernandez


THE CAPACITY to express oneself in a second language is a result of the assimi lation of the grammatical structures of the second language and the partial rejection of the native grammar. It is essential that the beginning student rea lize that his language is not a perfect model for another. In every language there are certain grammatical structures which have to be considered solely within the grammar of that language.

One such structure which poses problems for language students is the system of determiners. The comparative usages in French, Spanish, and Portuguese might not seem very different to those who specialize in Romance languages. Yet this judgement is probably made after years of study have erased the menories of the difficulties experienced during the first years of language study. All one needs to do is attempt a translation of a passage and the differences in equivalencies become evident. A further comparison with their English equi valents emphasizes the definite problems which can arise.


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Fernandez, C. (2021). A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF DETERMINERS. HUMANITAS DIGITAL, (21), 389–399. Recuperado a partir de https://humanitas.uanl.mx/index.php/ah/article/view/1212