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Sara Ancira



The aim of this paper is to explore from a discourse point of view. the structure of some written instructions of some exercises that were utilized in the course Linguistics and the English Teacher. Instructions become "instrumental texts" according to Dendrinos (1992: 43) since they are "texts whose function is to provide the learner with information concerning the teaching and learning matter and with instructions. regarding what to do with. Also, this paper is intended to be an exercise of reflection about the nature of the written instructions used in class which we use every day in class.


We, as teachers, are familiarized enough with instructions. They appear everywhere from textbooks to daily classroom activities. They are characteristic of the pedagogical discourse. It would be difficult not to relate teaching with these instrumental texts. For example, in Flanders' Interaction Analysis Categories (FIAC) describes communication that is carried out in the classroom (see Malamah - Thomas 1991).


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